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Greater Allegheny Welcomes Undergraduate Sports Administration Certificate

Greater Allegheny Welcomes Undergraduate Sports Administration Certificate

McKeesport, Pa. - Penn State Greater Allegheny is proud to announce that the institution is now offering an undergraduate Sports Administration degree obtainable with 15-credits!

The undergraduate certificate program of Sports Administration is a 15-credit interdisciplinary program that offers students an introduction to different aspects of sports administration careers, broadly defined. Students who complete this certificate will enhance their portfolios and career opportunities to include working in the fields of sports management, business/retail, media, sporting teams, and recreational programs. Students are required to complete 3 credits of internship (from list A) with a sports administration-related organization; 6 credits from two different subject areas of 100- and/or 200-level courses from list B; and 6 credits from two different subject areas of 300- and/or 400-level courses from list C.

Admission Requirements:
Students should be aware of possible course prerequisites for some of the listed courses

3 credits from the following:
BA 495A (3) Internship
CAS 495 (3) Internship
COMM 495 (3) Internship
PSYCH 495 (3) Internship

6 credits from the following:
ACCTG 211 (4) Financial & Managerial Acct
CAS 252 (3) Business & Professional Communication
CAS 203 (3) Interpersonal Communication
COMM 100 (3) Mass Media & Society
COMM 170 (3) Intro to the Sports Industry
ECON 102 (3) Intro Micro Economics
FIN 100 (3) Intro to Finance or FIN 301(3) Corporate Finance
HIST 113 (3) Baseball in Comparative History
HIST 155 (3) American Business History
KINES 141 (3) The Socio-Cultural Dynamics of Kinesiology
PHIL 103 (3) Ethics
STAT 100 (3) Statistics or STAT 200 (4) Elementary stats
TURF 100 (3) Turfgrass Management


6 credits from the following:
AM ST 441 (3) History of Sports in USA
COMM 370 (3) Public Relations To COMM 412 (3) Sports, Media & Society
COMM 458 (3) Media Law Ethics
COMM 476 (3) Sports Writing
COMM 478 (3) Sports Information
CRIMJ 467 (3) Law & Society
ECON 460 (3) Issues in Sports Econ
KINES 395B (1) Leadership Practicum: KINES
KINES 439W (3) Ethics in Sport and Sport Management
KINES 486 (3) Legal Issues in Sport
LER 459 (3) Collective Bargaining in Prof Sports
MGMT 402 (3) Experiences in Organizational Relations
MGMT 433 (3) Leadership and Team Building
MKTG 310 (3) Public Relations & Marketing
MKTG 443 (3) Sports Marketing

Effective Semester:  Summer 2014

To get more information about the program, you may contact:
Douglas M. Charles
Penn State Greater Allegheny
Telephone: 412-675-9167

To check out more information about the certificate or more about programs offered at Greater Allegheny, click here.