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Sex and Excess: Surviving the Party

Sex and Excess: Surviving the Party

McKeesport, Pa. - The Penn State Greater Allegheny Athletic Department strongly encourages all students, student-athletes, faculty and staff to attend this honest and hilarious look at the college party scene event held by Elaine Pasqua, April 9th in the Ostermeyer room of SCC from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

Today's students are consuming considerably more alcohol in one sitting. High-risk drinking is the one behavior that interferes most with a successful college education. Through emotional stories and hard facts, Elaine clearly establishes alcohol's effects on the brain, decision-making processes, and its life-altering outcomes. Instead of saying, "Don't party," Elaine fosters a respect for alcohol as she provides options ranging from abstinence to safe alcohol consumption. She clarifies misconceptions about quantities and metabolism.

Elaine effectively connects high-risk drinking to unprotected sex through captivating interactive exercises that get students out of their seats and engages them in real-life situations. The consequences of unprotected sex, as well as safe sex and healthy communication are discussed with honesty and humor. She clearly establishes the relationship of alcohol to sexual assault and warns of the use of date rape drugs.

Combining the topics of alcohol, sex, and sexual assault brings home the relevant message of partying responsibly, respecting one another, and keeping each other safe. This dynamic program strives to create a safe and healthy campus environment, and increase student retention. Students are empowered to perform their best academically, and to have fun without life-altering consequences or regrets.

Numerous campuses request an alcohol-focused program while others prefer to highlight sexual health. Elaine will discuss the topics available to address the needs of your student population.

Topics Include:

Goals and legacy in life
High-risk drinking - Safe quantities and metabolism
Effects of alcohol on brain, body, and behavior
Effects of alcohol on athletic ability and muscle recovery
Negative consequences of high-risk drinking

Sexual assault
Date rape drugs
Sex under the influence
Negative outcomes of unsafe sex
Sexually transmitted infections

Safe sex & healthy communication
Responsible choices, bystander intervention
Illegal and prescription drug abuse
Social norms